Best Quality Tchoukball Frame Manufacturer and Supplier

We are leading manugacturer and supplier of best quality Tchoukball Frame for the purpose of usage at different competitions and practice purpose.

Specification of Tchoukball Frame is as following:
  1. Frame with Net - Approved by International Tchoukball Federation
  2. Tchoukball Frame is made of quality steel.
  3. Non-marking guards at the bottom.
  4. The frame size is 1m x 1m.
  5. It comes with strong elastic.
  6. It is durable. 
  7. It is portable.
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Relay Baton Manufacturer / Supplier India

Relay Baton is an object generally used in relay races, here the objective is the players are to run with baton under the certain area and then that player must hand off the baton to the next runner (same team) under a certain zone.
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete range of Relay Baton for the purpose of competition and training purpose. These Batons are made of aluminum pipe that is smoothly turned from both the ends and they are available in different colors.

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BHALLA INTERNATIONAL - VINEX Exhibiting at FSB Cologne-Germany 22 Oct to 25 Oct, 2013

We are glad to inform you that we are participating at FSB Cologne-Germany from 22nd Oct to 25th Oct, 2013. We cordially invite you to our stand at FSB-2013. We will be displaying all the new products including all our major selling items. Please find below our stand location.

Event Dates: 22nd to 25th October-2013
Opening Time: 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM
Event Venue: Cologne Exhibition Centre
Event Website:
Hall No: 11.1
Stand No: J028, K029

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Buy IAAF Approved Competition Javelins Online at VINEXSHOP.COM

Javelin is sport equipment that is used in many athletics completions and championship. The best Javelins that can be used in these competitions are available at India’s largest online shop VINEXSHOP.COM. Here, you would find a complete variety in Javelins that differ in weight and range. These javelins are manufactured by Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. under the brand name VINEX. These javelins are approved by IAAF and give you extra durability.

The details of Vinex Competition Javelins are –

  • These are made of hardened best quality dura aluminium.
  • The head of the javelin is made of stainless steel.

  • Give extra durability
  • Maximum throw Distance
  • Approved by IAAF
  • Economical
  • Multi – Colour
  • Used in many competitions and championships
  • Available in different range and weights

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Quality Elementary Athletics Sports Equipment, Manufacturer and Supplier India

Bhalla International – Vinex is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier of Athletic – Track and Field and Sports Equipments in India. The company also manufactures elementary sports equipment for different games and activities.

The Elementary Equipment, available at our sports goods store are:

Elementary Shot:

These elementary shots are made of soft PVC and available in different weights and colours.

Elementary Hammer:

These colourful elementary hammers are made of soft PVC in different weights.

Elementary Foam Javelin:

These foam tube made elementary javelin are available in multi colours.

Elementary Javelin Balls:

The colourful javelin balls are available in different weights.

Elementary Discus:

These elementary discus are made of soft PVC and available in different weights and colours.

Elementary Carrying Bag:

These elementary carrying bags are made of heavy duty mesh fabric and nylon coated fabric.

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Athletics Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Bhalla International – Vinex is counted as one of the oldest and largest manufacturer and supplier of Sports and Athletics – Track & Field Equipment in India with a 56 years power of excellence under the brand name VINEX. The Company is manufacturer quality products with the use of latest technology at very affordable prices to fulfill all possible requirements of customers. The products are successfully used in many national and international events.

The evidence of this is that the company, awarded No. 1 in India for the Highest export of Sports Athletics Equipment from India by SGEPC (Ministry of Commerce, India). The products are exported to more than 120 countries like China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Europe, USA, South America and lots more.

The company manufacturer a complete range of Sports Goods and Athletics – Track & Field Equipment including Athletic Discus, Shot Put, Athletics Hammer, Javelins and Javelins Training Equipment, Kids Athletics Equipment, Indoor Shot, High Jump Stand, Landing Area Pits, Pole Vault Stand, Crossbar, Starting Blocks, Athletics Hurdles, Discus and Hammer Cage, Track & Field Equipment, Track & Field Accessories and many more.

Most of the products like Discus, Hammer, Shot, Starting Block, Hurdles, Javelins, Pole Vault Stand, High Jump Pit, High Jump Standard, Track Kerbing, Throwing Circle and more are approved by IAAF. The Company has 69+ IAAF certificates which show the quality and effectiveness of the products. This is why; the products are used in many Athletics Competitions and Events all around the world.

Vinex Implements and Equipments are successfully used in following events:
  • Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, India
  • Commonwealth Youth Games 2008, Pune
  • 15th Asian Games 2006, Doha
  • Commonwealth Games 2006, Melbourne
  • 11th IAAF World Junior Championship, Beijing
  • 12th Asian Junior Athletics Championship, Macau
  • 4th CISM Military World Games 2007, Hyderabad

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Buy All Athletics Track & Field and Sports Equipment at One Place

Bhalla International - VINEX is the oldest and largest Athletics Track & Field and Sports Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We design and manufacturer quality athletics equipment according to the need of sports players so that they give excellent performance in particular athletic event and achieve their goal. The performance of every sport player depends on the type of equipment used in play.

VINEX offers a wide range of IAAF Approved athletics equipment, used in many international competitions and also for practice / training that make at one place.

List of All Athletics Equipment We are Manufacturing

Athletic Discus: This includes IAAF Approved and other training discus made of different material such as high quality steel (Galvanized / Alloy), Brass, Wood and Rubber. These are available in different weights, assorted colour and variants at affordable prices.

Shot Put (Throwing Weights): IAAF Approved Athletics Shot Put made of rust proof Alloy (Stainless Steel) / Cast Iron / Brass Shell (Lead Filling) are suitable for perfect balance and available in different weights and diameter.

Indoor Shot: Find quality Indoor Shot made of PVC in different weights, diameters and colours that are good for indoor, outdoor and training.

Athletic Hammer: Includes Throwing Hammer made of cast iron / alloy steel / Brass are approved by IAAF in different weights and diameter. (You can also find related accessories like Hammer Gloves, Hammer Wires, Hammer Handle and many more.)

Elementary Athletic Sports: A large range of elementary sports equipment like elementary shot, Hammer, Foam Javelin, Javelin Ball, Discus, Carrying Bag and many more.

Starting Block: Quality material made world’s best and strong starting block approved by IAAF available for beginners as well as for professionals.

Relay Baton: Find Colorful, IAAF Approved and quality material made Relay Baton.

Athletic Hurdle: Includes Olympic, IAAF Approved, Adjustable, Bounce Back / Roll Back, Collapsible competition and training / practice athletic hurdles.

Javelin Throw: Find best quality competition javelins in different weights and range.

Javelin Training: A complete range of javelin training equipment like Javelin Balls, Knocken Balls, Foam Javelin and many more.

Landing Area Pit: Best Quality IAAF Approved Landing Area Pits are manufacture according to player needs in different dimensions.

High Jump Stand: Includes height adjustable, IAAF approved and durable High Jump Stand made of quality material.

Pole Vault Stand: Includes height adjustable, IAAF approved and sturdy Pole Vault Stand made of quality material.

Crossbar: Find colorful, innovative, quality material made crossbars in different variants.

Track & Field Equipment: A large range of Track and Field Equipment like Take-Off Board System, Shot Toe Board, Throwing Circle, Track Kerbing, Starter Clapper, Performance Indicator and many more.

Track & Field Accessories: A complete range of Track and Field Accessories like Measuring Tape, Lane Markers, Pennant Streamers, Field Markers, Official Flags, Competition Paper Nos. and many more.

Discus / Hammer Throwing Cage: Includes perfect Throwing Cage used for Athletic Discus and Hammer Throw.

Field Carts: This includes very useful sports field carts to carry and store athletic equipment like Javelins, Discus, Shot Put, Athletic Hurdle, Starting Blocks, Hammer and many more.

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